>Ironkey settings stick, even in read-only mode

>I am writing this post as a bit of a sanity check, perhaps someone out there can help me by comparing notes or providing explanations 🙂

Yesterday, I was using my IK to perform a memory dump for forensic analysis on a system infected with a trojan. I’ve used a CD for this in the past but figured “why not just use my IK in read-only mode” — I popped my IK in, making sure I ticked the [I]read-only mode[/I] checkbox. No problems there, of course. Performed a memory dump, which I wrote to a throw-away USB stick, then ejected my IK.

You know how your settings stick from one session to another? I figured this was recorded when the IK checked into the management console. However, when I popped my IK into another machine this morning, I noticed that the settings had stuck.

When I do my forensic analyses, they are in a different location than client sites – this is why I am 100% certain that the machine was not connected to the Internet – wifi was off in any case (though the wifi switch on laptops is sometimes software-managed) but even if it were on, the machine wouldn’t have any AP to connect to. No ethernet or bluetooth connection either, of course.

My theory, therefore, is that the settings are stored on some RW volume on the IK. Can anyone tell me more about this? Is there some part of the manual that I’ve overlooked? What gets written to that volume? What FS does it have, and can it be infected with malware? This would be disconcerting.

Any insight would be very much appreciated 🙂