Times (and blogs), they are a-changing…

Hello, one and all!

Welcome to the new FAIL tales! I hope you like our new digs. Simpler yet more sophisticated, methinks.  I’ve really grooved on Blogger these past years; it’s easy to post, easy to customize, and, since it’s maintained by someone else, it’s a cinch to administer. But it’s once again time for change, time to move on to bigger and better things.

I was once told by an exceptionally insightful professor that, as computer scientists, we were going to be learning throughout our entire careers. “Computer Science is all about change,” he would say, “get used to the idea that you’ll constantly have to re-learn everything you think you know.”

At least, he said something like that (memories fade and this was over a decade ago). The scary thing is, I think he’s right. I’ve been into computers since I was nine years old, and I haven’t seen the industry slow down by a single Mhz. Technology is getting cheaper and more accessible by the minute, and innovation is happening faster and faster; slow down in a field like this one, and you might as well retire.

Welcome to my new blog – stay a while. I hope you like it here 🙂