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Family portrait - author is second from left.

Did you know that every single cell in your skeleton is replaced every seven years? Think about that: your entire skeleton is completely replaced, every seven years. This is done slowly, cell by cell, gradually over time (thank God. It would probably get rather messy if it were done all at once).

Isn’t it ironic that technology replaces itself at a comparable rate? The generally accepted practice is that you replace your computer every 3-5 years. Microsoft comes up with a new version of Windows and the .Net framework just about every two years. If you want a good idea of how quickly things change in IT, take a look at Michael Ogawa’s work on code_swarm; if that much change can happen for a handful of projects over a short period of time, how much change do you think is occurring worldwide in the industry today?

Forensic Aspirations, Inferred Logic is a technical blog written by a computer geek on a foolish quest to learn everything there is to know about all things IT, no matter how quickly it innovates. It is the story of one man’s struggle to keep up with technical change and his fascination with human creativity. Enjoy the show!

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