Automatically retrieve list of offline shares on all PCs of a domain

I wrote this short VBS script today to help out a client; basically, you can run this on an Active Directory domain as a login script to see if your users’ offline shares are correctly configured. In this case, each user is supposed to have a ‘U:’ drive that syncs with a file server whenever they’re on campus, and is available whenever they’re on the road. Sometimes, though, the configuration isn’t set for one reason or another… Hence the script.

Enjoy 🙂

‘ u_sync_check: VBscript that grabs the information on offline files and saves it for later auditing.
‘ Written by Rick El-Darwish, 14.05.2013. Inspired by these sites: and

‘ Grab the name of the computer executing this script:
Set wshShell = WScript.CreateObject( “WScript.Shell” )
strComputerName = wshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings( “%COMPUTERNAME%” )

‘ Compose the path of the file under which this information will be stored. TODO: replace the UNC below with a valid path!
outFile=”\myservermyshare” & strComputerName & “.txt”

‘ Create the actual file.
Set objFSO=CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
Set objFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(outFile,True)

‘ Create the WMI object and grab the list of all synched directories.
strComputer = “.”
Set objWMIService = GetObject(“winmgmts:\” & strComputer & “rootCIMV2”)

Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery(“SELECT * FROM Win32_OfflineFilesItem WHERE ItemType=2”,,48)

‘ For each synched directory, write an entry in the file
For Each objItem In colItems
objFile.Write “ItemPath : ” & objItem.ItemPath

‘ Close the file