>Run your linux applications remotely over SSH

This is a *very* short article on using x-win with SSH — namely because there’s a ton of articles out there on the subject already. I found that this worked using with cygwin and ubuntu… If you’re using ubuntu as both the client and the server, you won’t need to export the DISPLAY variable…

Server: the machine whose programs you want to run; could be a server on a rack
Client: the machine on which you want to see the programs; could be your workstation

from your client:
1) start X-Win (if cygwin)
2) use xhost to grant access to the x-win server: “xhost +[name]”, where name can be a host or a user.
3) use ssh to connect to the server: “ssh -X [user]@[servername]”

from the server via ssh:
1) set the display (this assumes you’re using bash): “export DISPLAY=[client ip address]:0.0”
2) test using xclock: “xclock &”

Once you’re done, I would recommend that you do an “xhost -[name]” from your client again.